Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Nourishing Scalp Oil only for those with dreadlocks?
No, anyone including babies (6 months & older) can utilize the oil
because it contains 100% all natural ingredients.
How many times a week can I use the Nourishing Scalp Oil?
As many times as you wish. It can be used daily. The more you use
and massage the oil into your scalp the better your results will be.
Will the Nourishing Scalp Oil make my hair grow?
Our Nourishing Scalp Oil helps to balance sebum production,
stimulate the circulation of blood to your scalp; which then causes
your hair to become nourished. The oils that we use in our product
are of the natural and highest quality. As a result, with adequate
use, will promote hair growth.
Will Imperial Locxs release other products?
Yes, we are working on releasing a plethora of natural hair care
products for dreadlocks. These products include but is not limited to
lock & twist gels, moisture mist, and etc. Please stay tune to our
Instagram page @Imperial_locxs and subscribe to our mailing list on
the home page to be notified of these upcoming releases.